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Astrology : 12 Zodiac Signs (Beginner's Guide)

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Only Astrological Guide you'll ever need to know what 12 zodiac signs tells about a person

This is a collection of the following:

  • 12+ Zodiac Signs covering 16 crucial aspects of what your zodiac signs say about.

16 aspects for each zodiac sign are as follows:

  1. Zodiac Number #️⃣
  2. Meaning of your Zodiac Sign ⭐
  3. Ruler of your Zodiac Sign 🌍
  4. Ruler Attributes 📃
  5. Vedic Name 🔱
  6. Lucky Numbers🔢
  7. Zodiac Sign Known For 🟰
  8. Astrological Date 📅
  9. Astronomical Date 📅
  10. Personality Traits 🧿
  11. Other Attributes 🔯
  12. Challenges Faced by Zodiac Sign ⚠️
  13. Love and Sex Traits of Zodiac Sign 💖
  14. Friendship Traits of Zodiac Sign 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  15. Career and Money Traits of Zodiac Sign 💹
  16. Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs 🤝

Here's a quick walkthrough of the Astrology (Beginner's Guide) template 👇

What's inside

  • 12 Zodiac Signs Covered
  • 16 aspects of Zodiac Signs Discussed

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Astrology : 12 Zodiac Signs (Beginner's Guide)

12 ratings
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